This months Sketch Slackers theme was the TRON movies. I am 'that guy' who has never seen either of the films. So I tried to do something a little more experimental. I created a dimensional TRON logo using only one sheet of paper by cutting, scoring and folding it over on itself. I found reference of someone doing this technique online and loved it.

I created a digital pattern in Illustrator and printed on the paper both sides. That way the TRON logo would really pop off the background.


large format photo printing said...

Nicely done! In what site did you get the technique on making this? reading your post makes me realize it was it cut-out. I was thinking it was photoshop.

Keith_Allen_Designs said...

Thanks "Large Format Photo Printing"...this wasn't a tutorial or anything. I found reference on ffffound.com where someone had created the word 'love' by cutting into a single white piece of paper and folding it over itself. Unfortunately I didn't save the link. I did it my own way by adding graphics then photographing it.