I'M ONLY 1-YEAR LATE!...haha, I finally finished the paintings going into my daughters bedroom. They make a better '1-year birthday present anyway'. I hope she likes them! Its been a long time since I painted in Acrylics so it took me a little while to get my groove back.

If you haven't been to StrangeKidsClub yet....what are you waiting for? Quit what you're doing and check them out! I was honored to have been asked to design a paper monster mask for their 2nd annual 'Strange kid comix magazine'. Go to the site and pick one up! Just in time for Halloween!

Unfortunately Sketch Slackers is coming to a bit of an end...well, more like a hiatus. Hopefully I'll be relaunching the site at the beginning of next year. As a thank-you for all the hard work the 'slackers' did over the history of the site I made a quick paper toy for them all. Feel free to cut him out and display proudly!


About time I start posting to my blog again!
Here's a logo I did for a publishing company-
Here are the roughs that got us to the finished logo: