The holidays made things kind of crazy, so I haven't updated in a while and I don't have anything for the comic book yet. At work I've been working on product for the new live action Transformers movie....which is going to be awesome! So I did my own concept sketch of Optimus Prime. Its no where near how awesome he is going to look like in the movie, but I based my sketch more off the old toy. Im going to color it for next week.


This ones just for fun- its an inside joke with my soccer team the Cuddle Monkeys.
I've decided to start a comic book- I hope to have a lot of concept sketches for next week.


At work we had been talking about Madballs and how young boys love to play with gross stuff. That inspired me to try and come up with a mix of cute/gross characters.


I've had some things going on and I havent had a chance to update in a while. But- I'll be updating a lot more frequently now.


Oh snap, its the Foot!


Not a whole lot to share this week, but Im still drawing. Here is something from the sketchbook. Caught the new jet li movie this weekend and it inspired me to draw more martial art-ninja drawings. So i'll probably be doing that for a little bit.


Well, it has begun. I'm jumping back into drawing and oh man is it ever painful...but fun none the less.

I did a quick sketch of a ninja. Why? Well, because ninjas are sweet. And when I say 'quick sketch' I mean about an hour and a half...there are a lot of mistakes, cleaning up and erasing messed up lines. Im looking to improve my line quality a heck of a lot. I threw the sketch into photoshop to add quick color and shadows.


Super Grumpy Bear!

Sweet. My first post!

This was a fun charity project put together by the AGP group at American Greetings. http://grumpyfreakshow.blogspot.com/It was a lot of fun turning the Vinyl grumpy bear into Super Grumpy "Weapon XOXO." The show will be Sept. 11-29th at the American Greetings Gallery.