I don't often post card work that I do for American Greetings on my personal blog, but there a bunch of cards that are available now at Target that I worked on that I'm quite proud of. This being one of those...

Pop out the 4 pieces to build your own OPTIMUS PRIME! He is covered in 3 Hot Stamp colors, Blue, Red and Silver...giving him a chrome finish.

Note: He doesn't stand quite as well as my original prototype, but if you fold up his toes it works pretty weel.

Pick up yours today at Target before they're gone!

Business Cards

I finally got some business cards printed up. It was about darn time! The die cut came out nice...but I added a spot UV gloss...unfortunately the company I printed them with only had 1 paper stock and it was coated 1 side. So the spot UV doesn't pop like I would have liked.