Heres a sketch of the band Matt & Kim. I first heard them on the new bacardi commercial. 
I thought that the band dynamic was really cool, and I tried my best to capture their energy. They rock pretty hard for a duo without any guitars! 


Here are some vinyl records I painted up for an upcoming art show put on Keith Corcoran.

I originally had the idea of building a large cassette tape out of old records and record covers, but with limited time and size restrictions...I went with painting a cassette tape on a record.


I've been giving up my Saturdays to take an Adobe Flash class, to freshen up and to begin to build my portfolio site. I was itching to do a quick animation in Flash since its been so long and thought AstroBoy would be fun, seeing that the movie is right around the corner....

...So, here it is in all its glory. 18 seconds of awesomenesss....wow- all that work for 18 dumb seconds??? Glad I'm not an animator

See it on YouTube!


Transformers 2 Stickers and Trading cards
10 sticker sets and with individual trading cards I developed for work at American Greetings


Here are the pieces and parts for a flash animation Im working on. On saturdays Im taking a Flash class to get refreshed so I can set my website up in Flash. Seeing all the cool animation stuff you can do, I couldn't help myself and start an AstroBoy animation in light of the new movie coming to theaters soon. I should have the animation up in a few days hopefully....stay tuned!


the REAL Montauk Monster!!!
Heres my piece for this weeks Sketch-o-rama blog.
Painted in photoshop from my rough sketch.


A few Tshirt-logo concepts for a local Italian restaurant.