I haven't posted in a while...but just to prove that I haven't been lazy, here's some Christmas gifts I was working on.

wii family portrait

A little retouching of Kristens photos. They look great framed.

Promotional Postcards for my moms small business. I had to print these twice because I did them in such a hurry for Christmas, I made the worst Graphic Design mistake...not doing a spell check.

Homemade ornaments Kristen and I made from ocean rocks and shells


For further proof that I'm a nerd...My Transformers cornhole boards. It only took me a little over a month to construct and paint these bad boys, with some help from my lovely fiance'. A word to the wise...just buy them pre-constructed.


Cut paper designs I made for my new nephew to be!!

Here is my planning for the cut paper pieces. Sketched and finished in Illustrator.


The Madballs Invasion Show!!!!
This show was at the American Greetings gallery space and features a ton of very talented artists from American Greetings Properties group and more!

I'm very proud to have had a part in this.

Check out a slide show of the Invasion on the Madballs official blog:


My fiinished Madball. Turned out ok...would have liked to spend a little more time on it. The calendar is going to be sick!!!


Freelance I've been working on went through a facelift to try and make the website older...


My sketch for the Madballs American Greetings custom art calendar I've been working on. The artists on board with this project are amazing...going to be something truly awesome.

Anyway- will be painting soon...look for updates.


My submission this month for Sketch-0-rama. Its a privilege to be included on this blog along side such great talent.


Poster for my band Muttley's upcoming show.


A freelance project for Madison Avenue Direct. Vector characters done in freehand.
I've gotten a good start on building my webpage and I have some works started for the show, should be sharing that stuff soon.


I inked and colored a sketch I had done a while back. Heman vs. Skeletor--- a classic battle!
I've been compiling my work to get my website up very very soon...so look forward to that, and I have some pieces started for my upcoming art show- I'll share some of that stuff as I get them final.


New drawing of STORM SHADOW, for http://raw.channelfrederator.com/group/throwbackthursdays
Feels good to post again!


A paiting of Puerto Rico I did for my girlfriend Kristen's parents for Christmas.