A quick poster for my band Muttley's upcoming show this weekend. Come to the show and get a free tshirt!


Avatar: The Last PaperBender

I decided to do a paper sculpture of Aang for the latest sketch-o-rama theme--- The Last Airbender movie coming out this summer based on the Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar. A few months back I created two paper sculptures of BumbleBee and Optimus Prime from Transformers and had a lot of fun building them. I thought I'd give it another go.

Unlike my last attempts, Aang is all one piece of paper, so there is no attachments after he is cut out. I'll probably do a few more of these down the road since they're so much fun.


New t-shrit design for my band Muttley. We're having a show on Dec. 5 and all who come to show their support get a free tshirt. Gotta give love to our peeps.


My latest sketch-o-rama post. The theme was Where the Wild Things Are in honor of the new movie coming out. I still haven't seen it yet, but it looks incredible! I really love the half costume, half CGI monsters. They really seem to come to life.
I kind of slacked on this sketch a bit though, didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked. Oh well, I'll have to make it on the next post.


This is my latest Sketch-o-rama sketh. The theme was C.H.U.D., from the classic horror movie. I decided to have CHUD looking for 'food' in its own backyard. mmmm....turtle soup! I plan on making more artwork and posting quite regularly. Been a bit busy with the wedding, but I'm ready to get right back at it!


The Madballs 2010 calendar I worked on with other very talented artists is in stores now! Pick yours up!!!


Here's a logo I did for Brix Wine Bar.


A paper toy of Bumblebee I created at American Greetings for a Hasbro project.


The GI Joe 2010 calendar I did for American Greetings Dateworks is out in the market. Go buy one! Secret Decoder included!!!...you know you want one.

This is a quick poster I made last night for my band Muttley's upcoming show on Aug. 29. Our lead singer made some quick flyers with a scene from Planet of the Apes and I thought I'd keep the ape/monkey theme going. 
Lately I haven't had to much time to do any drawing or designing outside of work because of all the wedding projects going on...Only one more month to go! I should have a lot more to post at the end of September once the Wedding is over. Our honeymoon is in Spain, so I'm sure that'll spark a lot of creativity!


After many hours hunched over a cutting board with burned and glued fingers, our wedding invites are finally done! 
I was debating putting this up. The design was adapted from an existing design my fiance' found in a magazine, and I redrew the art and made some of my own in the same style. We picked our own color scheme and added the textured paper, ribbon, 'dinner and dancing' card and some other little tweaks. Of course I'd never do this if I wasn't my own wedding, but we just loved the design :)


My friend Bill and I stopped in this week to shoparooni to check out the Vinyl show 'Straight from the crate'. The show looks really good. This was the second time I stopped in and already there are a lot of pieces missing. Its a pay and go show, so you can swipe the pieces right from the wall if you're going to buy.


Heres a sketch of the band Matt & Kim. I first heard them on the new bacardi commercial. 
I thought that the band dynamic was really cool, and I tried my best to capture their energy. They rock pretty hard for a duo without any guitars! 


Here are some vinyl records I painted up for an upcoming art show put on Keith Corcoran.

I originally had the idea of building a large cassette tape out of old records and record covers, but with limited time and size restrictions...I went with painting a cassette tape on a record.


I've been giving up my Saturdays to take an Adobe Flash class, to freshen up and to begin to build my portfolio site. I was itching to do a quick animation in Flash since its been so long and thought AstroBoy would be fun, seeing that the movie is right around the corner....

...So, here it is in all its glory. 18 seconds of awesomenesss....wow- all that work for 18 dumb seconds??? Glad I'm not an animator

See it on YouTube!


Transformers 2 Stickers and Trading cards
10 sticker sets and with individual trading cards I developed for work at American Greetings


Here are the pieces and parts for a flash animation Im working on. On saturdays Im taking a Flash class to get refreshed so I can set my website up in Flash. Seeing all the cool animation stuff you can do, I couldn't help myself and start an AstroBoy animation in light of the new movie coming to theaters soon. I should have the animation up in a few days hopefully....stay tuned!


the REAL Montauk Monster!!!
Heres my piece for this weeks Sketch-o-rama blog.
Painted in photoshop from my rough sketch.


A few Tshirt-logo concepts for a local Italian restaurant.


An art piece I did for Kristens Birthday. Its on some old record sleeves we picked up in Amish Country. Turned out ok, but the paper was extremely old and didn't take very well to anything.


Star Trek TNG- "the early years"
A sketch for Sketch-o-rama this week. I thought the next generation gang could possibly be in school while cap'n kirk and spock are just getting started on the enterprise. I did this in Illustrator- Im trying to get faster at vectoring...CS4 makes life a lot easier.


'San Juan', my final for the new Skate Deck show. For the most part I'm happy with how it turned out.

I inked the city sketch using India Ink

The background pattern was applied with spray paint after the stencil was cut.

Cutting a stencil for a background pattern. I took a photo of this pattern when we were in San Juan. It was a really cool tile floor in one of the old buildings. Thought I'd be able to use it for something someday.

I decided to rework the illustration on my board from the 'All hands on Decks' art show. I wanted to keep the wood showing through this time. Heres the sanded board all ready to be painted up.


Heres my submission to Sketch-o-rama (http://sketch-o-rama.blogspot.com/). The theme this week was the Terminator since the new movie will be coming out soon.

I inked my sketch in photoshop CS4, the rotate view tool helped so much! Saved me so much time.

My original concept sketch.


I know I haven't posted lately...but I have been busy- I swear!
I've been working on a concept for a childrens book and wedding stuff (invites and all that fun stuff).
But its been my webpage that has been taking up most of my time...check it out so far. Still have a long way to go, but think I have a decent portfolio picked out. Hoping to have it up in the next few months.


Some photos of the All Hands on Decks show. The show looks great, there are so many talented artists involved.


My finished skate deck for the 'ALL HANDS ON DECK' show at AG. http://allhandsondecks.blogspot.com
If I had more time I would have liked to add some color. I may take this concept and rework it in the future.


My sketch for my skate deck for the 'All Hands On Decks' art show.
The subject is San Juan, Puerto Rico...where I spent Christmas and New Years last year. The houses are so colorful, I've been wanting to do some kind of art piece of San Juan for some time now.