I'M ONLY 1-YEAR LATE!...haha, I finally finished the paintings going into my daughters bedroom. They make a better '1-year birthday present anyway'. I hope she likes them! Its been a long time since I painted in Acrylics so it took me a little while to get my groove back.

If you haven't been to StrangeKidsClub yet....what are you waiting for? Quit what you're doing and check them out! I was honored to have been asked to design a paper monster mask for their 2nd annual 'Strange kid comix magazine'. Go to the site and pick one up! Just in time for Halloween!

Unfortunately Sketch Slackers is coming to a bit of an end...well, more like a hiatus. Hopefully I'll be relaunching the site at the beginning of next year. As a thank-you for all the hard work the 'slackers' did over the history of the site I made a quick paper toy for them all. Feel free to cut him out and display proudly!


About time I start posting to my blog again!
Here's a logo I did for a publishing company-
Here are the roughs that got us to the finished logo:


One of my Pop-up cards is now available at Target in the Halloween greeting card section. Go pick one up! (I did the popup mechanics, not the artwork on this one)


It's SketchSlacker time again, and last months theme was Zombie Superheroes. I chose to do Superman and created another paper toy. I'm a little addicted to creating them...they're a lot of fun. I think its because with each piece it gives me the opportunity to build the sculpture, Illustrate the graphics and photograph the end result. It's a lot of fun.

Here is my process:
1. Create the Die lines and color palette in Adobe Illustrator.
Mock it up and make sure it works.
2. Create the vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator.
3. Render the Graphics and add textures in Adobe Photoshop.
4. Mock it up and photograph it!


This is my post for SketchSlackers this month. Junes theme was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I geeked out a little because growing up I had every Ninja Turtle action figure known to man. When I was looking for inspiration on the internet the Turtle Van popped up on an image search. I forgot all about this amazing mode of transportation and thought, "Only the Ninja Turtles can pull off riding around town in a mini van....I must make this out of paper!"

I have another funny idea for a Tshirt and may try and submit that in a couple weeks as well...if time permits.


The SketchSlackers theme for May was Star Wars. May 4th was actually national Star Wars day... so there is a fun fact for you, so mark it on your calendar. I watched the original movies growing up and have always enjoyed them, but I can't say that I've ever been a super huge fan or anything. I really like Empire Strikes Back but I am definitely not a fan of any of the new movies. Sorry Jar Jar. I decided to do a vector Illustration of my favorite characters Han Solo and Chewey. It would have been fun to get Yoda in there as well, but I was already running behind on this one. Check out the blog to see more Star Wars submissions!


I work in the Licensing department at American Greetings making social expression product for some really great partners. Sesame Street happens to be one of those great partners and they invited us all down last month for a two day meeting in NYC. We were lucky enough to see a live taping of the show featuring the great Frank Oz bringing Grover to life. (unfortunately we couldn't take photos during the shows production )
Here I am on set...its a surreal feeling actually being there. I kept waiting for us all to break down in song.
Good ol' Mr. Hoopers store....

Bert and Ernie...my personal favorite!

Thanks so much to everyone at Sesame Street! I'm lucky to work with such a great group of people doing great work for kids!


My latest post to the Sketch Slackers. The theme for March was the Muppets...but I really wanted to do a Bert and Ernie paper toy. So, I figured they would be close enough being a Jim Henson creation and all.

I had a lot of fun with these. I really tried to make the paper die reflect Ernie being as free and fun as possible and having bert uptight and annoyed. These are so much fun....look forward to me doing a lot more!


Aaahhhhh! Attack of the B-movie posters!

This months theme on Sketch Slackers was B-movie posters. I decided to do a photo illustration with my inspiration being my beautiful baby girl, Maggie who never sleeps...ever. Thank you to my lovely wife Kristen for taking the photos, I think they worked great.


This months Sketch Slackers theme was the TRON movies. I am 'that guy' who has never seen either of the films. So I tried to do something a little more experimental. I created a dimensional TRON logo using only one sheet of paper by cutting, scoring and folding it over on itself. I found reference of someone doing this technique online and loved it.

I created a digital pattern in Illustrator and printed on the paper both sides. That way the TRON logo would really pop off the background.


I realized I never posted Optimus Prime when I was going through some of my old files. This was a fun project to match the Bumblebee paper toy I created a while back.


Here is a glance at something in the works right now. Its a very slow going projet...I'm working on five paintings to decorate my daughter's room. Drawings are all transferred to their canvas', I just need to find some 'free time' to start painting.

The original plan was that they'd all be done before she was born...haha, that was three months ago.


Decembers Sketch Slackers theme was The Grinch. I was running a little behind so I did a quick sketch of what the Grinch's mugshot might look like. The Who's decided to prosecute after the whole 'stealing Christmas thing'.

My inspiration: The infamous Nick Nolte mugshot