This months Sketch Slackers theme was the TRON movies. I am 'that guy' who has never seen either of the films. So I tried to do something a little more experimental. I created a dimensional TRON logo using only one sheet of paper by cutting, scoring and folding it over on itself. I found reference of someone doing this technique online and loved it.

I created a digital pattern in Illustrator and printed on the paper both sides. That way the TRON logo would really pop off the background.


I realized I never posted Optimus Prime when I was going through some of my old files. This was a fun project to match the Bumblebee paper toy I created a while back.


Here is a glance at something in the works right now. Its a very slow going projet...I'm working on five paintings to decorate my daughter's room. Drawings are all transferred to their canvas', I just need to find some 'free time' to start painting.

The original plan was that they'd all be done before she was born...haha, that was three months ago.


Decembers Sketch Slackers theme was The Grinch. I was running a little behind so I did a quick sketch of what the Grinch's mugshot might look like. The Who's decided to prosecute after the whole 'stealing Christmas thing'.

My inspiration: The infamous Nick Nolte mugshot