Family portrait for Christmas.


Border created for Secret Forest characters for Australian childrens company and website. The sides are repeatable to extend the website border.


Haven't posted in a while....this is a freelance I was working on for an Australian company. Its been a while since I vectored any art, so it was a good to get the practice.


A new logo design for AnswerSphere.
I have been drawing a lot more and I'll post some new sketches soon.


A sticker/logo for a friend.


Our new Tshirts!
My soccer and kickball team named has changed from the Cuddle Monkeys to the new and improved Phallic Dragons. Long story short....On our ski trip we there were a ton of these sculpted dragons with their tails between their legs, looking a little suggestive and scattered around the house. Amy stole one and now its our mascot.


This was for the Guitar Mania project that goes around Cleveland for the United Way. My team, the licensing department, created a Sesame Street themed Guitar. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun and Im really happy with the result. The amps work and play the Sesame Street theme song, Sunny Days. The guitar is displayed in front of the American Greetings store inside Tower City, Downtown Cleveland.

My badass team of rockstars.


My sketch-o-rama contribution.


My flyer for my bands second show at the Jigsaw on May 27th.


This is for the Sketch-o-rama that the Illustrators at work started. Its a redesign of the Thing from Fantastic 4. I was going to do the Human Torch with the Thing, but ran out of time.

Im psyched, my band Muttley is having our first show this week. Well, its my first show with the band. For the show I made some pins. We have a song about Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years...so it made sense to have her on there. Look forward to me posting our show poster for next months JigSaw show.


Gotta get back on the horse.


After drawing Transformers last week, I wanted to draw some other toys from my childhood. This is a sketch of Heman vs. Skeletor.


I needed to see what good ol' OP looked like colored so I worked at it until my New Years hangover went away.