Here is my contribution this month to Sketch Slackers. This months theme was Batman & Captain America (it was a split vote). I made some adjustments to their costumes...color obviously. It was a fun one to work on.


My contribution this week to Sketch Slackers

Last months theme was The Goonies and I did this cut paper piece of chunk. I had some help from a genius paper sculptor, Seth Larson, who did our wedding cake topper. The guy is a maniac with paper and I couldn't have done it without him.

Check out sketch slackers to see some other cool Goonies art!


This is the first installment of our comic book, its a collaborative comic brought to you buy the awesome peeps from sketch slackers! I was fortunate enough to do the first page. Check out Fuel Your Illustration every week to catch the latest installment!


This was my submission this month to sketchslackers. This months theme was Street Fighter and I created Dhalsim.
I cheated a bit this month and used an existing paper die that I created for Avatar: The Last Airbender. It worked out well because I could stretch Dhalsim's arm like in the video game. I just flipped the die and changed some folds and cuts.

Here he is first cut out.


Muttley's final show poster! Its a sad day.
I did a quick illustration of all of us. And of course George's fish is in there.


My first post to SKETCH SLACKERS!
Its a monthly sketch blog for any artist that would like to join. We pick a theme at the beginning of every month.

This months Theme was Iron Man. I was running behind, and had to bust it out early this week. I did a quick sketch and colored in Photoshop. Tried to keep him on the cartoony side.


I messed around with 'tilt shift' photography tutorial the other day. Its pretty cool, it makes your photos look like a small model.

Here's the original


Here's a logo update I worked on for a friend, Jim Groman.

I will have more blog updates in the next coming weeks, its been a bit crazy lately.


The next sketch-o-rama theme was mortal kombat. I really had a good time making the Aang paper toy, so I decided to make a scorpion and sub-zero battling paper toys. This one was really fun, I'm going to try and make a new paper toy every month.

I made the ninja masks removable.